Efficiently Transport Highly Viscous Cosmetics Products with Twin Screw Pumps
Sugar Scrubs
Twin screw pumps are an ideal solution for the cosmetics industry when it comes to moving highly viscous products such as sugar scrubs. These pumps are designed with two intermeshing screws that rotate in opposite directions, creating a seal between the pump inlet and outlet. This allows for precise, gentle handling of delicate products without causing damage or degradation. Twin screw pumps are also highly efficient, capable of delivering a constant flow rate with minimal pulsation, ensuring a smooth and consistent product output. Whether you are looking to transfer sugar scrubs or other highly viscous cosmetics products, a twin screw pump can provide you with the reliable and precise performance you need.
Viscosity Modifying Ingredients
Xanthan Gum
Do you struggle with dispersion and hydration of viscosifying agents such as Xanthan Gun, Carbopol, Methocel? The AMPCO JET-Shear can help you reduce batch times, improve product consistency, and eliminate fish-eyes in your products.
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