Custom Machining and Fabrication
Welcome to Left Coast Process, your destination for custom machining and fabrication services in Southern California. With modern equipment, including the Haas VF-3SS, Daewoo 2 Axis lathe, and Haas Y Axis Lathe, our team specializes in crafting high-quality components from stainless steel, aluminum, and specialty metals. From intricate machining projects to custom fabrication solutions, we're committed to delivering excellence tailored to your unique specifications. Contact us today to discover how we can elevate your machining and fabrication needs.
Our Capabilities
Haas, VF-3 Four Axis CNC Mill
Table Travel
X40" Y20" Z25"

HAAS ST30-LY Axis Lathe
3.0" Bar Capacity
Machine Travel
X13.75" Z62.5"

Daewoo 2 Axis Lathe
Bar Capacity 2"
Machine Travel
X10" Z20"

Omax 2652 Water-jet
Table Size X5' Y2.5'

Niacara Mechanical Press Brake
4' with 35 tons of press force

TruFab, Hydraulic Metal Shear
4' up to 1/4 shear Capacity.
depending on type of material

Miller Synchro Wave 300 TIG Welder

Miller P350 MIG

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